Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our First Visit to ITz's

It was another 3 hour tour... Reminiscent of the Lake Houston Kayaking Trip, and the Great Grannie Napping of '10.

We didn't get home tonight until after 10:30pm.  We left a little after 5pm.  To go to dinner.  That's it.  Just dinner.  I didn't even take my camera.  Specifically we had been headed to Double Dave's pizza.  But when we got there they had no pizza buffet.  What kind of self-respecting pizza place doesn't have a pizza buffet on Saturday night?

Determined to have a pizza buffet I suggested Gattiland.  About half way there however we found out that Gattiland was actually Gattitown and had long since closed.  So we turned around and headed for ITz's.  It was our first trip, and we were pleasantly surprised. 

The prices weren't too bad - especially when you consider that the kids were still free and we picked up a package deal including our buffets, drinks, and 120 game tokens for less than $10 more than we would spend on a typical dinner out.  Not to mention the fact that we spent more than 4 hours there playing and having a blast!

Since we actually did come because we were hungry we started off with the pizza buffet and found seats in the Drive-In Theater room where Monster's Inc. was just starting.  We enjoyed our pizza and watched the better part of the movie before finally convincing the kids to see what else there was to do.

One of the first things the kids did was an attraction called the Monkey Jump.  It took the kids up about 20 feet in the air and dropped them only to bounce them back up and drop them again randomly.

Afterwards we headed to the kids playground area.  The kids climbed, slid, ran and crawled until they had explored every last nook and cranny.

At the back of the kids area were a couple of rides, including a train that the kids could take rides on for free.

After Ryan and Connor had both ridden the train, the spaceship, the plane, the horse and something with a bear (?) we hit up the arcade games.

The kids really liked this game - one where you step on the lights as they light up.

From there we ventured over to play a game where you push a button and a boxing glove shoots out to knock passing ducks over.  Only the glove never reached the ducks and it was a total dud. 

So we moved on to play whack-a-mole and then the Popcorn catching game where the kids moved the bowl around trying to catch the little balls shooting out of the popcorn pot.

Afterwards we took the kids over to ride the indoor roller coaster.  They LOVED it!  So much so that after we took a break to get something to drink and sit down for a few minutes that we came back to ride it again before heading off to the mini bowling alley to try our hand at bowling.

Needless to say our bowling game could use some work.  We didn't even manage to break the century mark.  But we sure had fun trying.

Before heading out we let the kids ride the Monkey Jump one more time, and then redeem their tickets for prizes.  Connor picked out a bracelet, a bouncing ball, and a jumping frog.  Ryan got a bouncing ball, a jumping frog, and an Army man. 

Needless to say we all had a blast and will definitely be going back again someday.

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