Monday, August 15, 2011

Made me smile

I also recently stumbled across a site called Simple as That which hosts a simple things challenge - just some moment that made you smile this week.

Without a doubt for me it would be the Owl Smores we made for National Smores Day (August 10th).  Not only did the kooky owls make me smile but seeing the delight on the preschooler's faces when they saw them was awesome.  The boys were so proud to take them in to their class to share.  They were also so excited to share them with our neighbors.  Just because.  They ran from house to house ringning the doorbells and telling them it was National Smores Day and we "have owl smores for you!"  :)  It turned out to be a great opportunity to meet some our neighbors that we hadn't met before.  And days later the boys are still pointing out houses and reminding us that we took smores to that house!

FYI... the tutorial on how to make the owl smores can be found here:


  1. Those are simply DARLING!!!!

  2. National Smores Day, what fun!!!!

  3. what did they use for the yellow nose

  4. The yellow "beaks" are Mike & Ike's. It's a fruity candy. Most of our local stores carry them in the candy isle in the large movie sized boxes.



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