Friday, May 21, 2010

A three hour tour!

A three hour tour!

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from this typical port
Aboard two tiny ships.

The mate was a mighty sailing man,
The skipper brave and sure.
Two passengers set sail that day
For a three hour tour, a three hour tour.

The game warden was tough,
One tiny ship was stopped,
If not for the quick thinking of the fearless crew
The day would be lost, the day would be lost.

The ship set ground on the Kingwood shore
With Brandi,
And Kevin, too.
Here on Brandi’s Isle.

So this is the tale of the castways,
They're here for a long, long time,
They'll have to make the best of things,
It's an uphill climb.

The first mate and the Skipper too,
Will do their very best,
To enjoy their meal,
While waiting on a vest.

No keys, no straps, no steps,
Not luxury of time.
Left Ryan and Connor
Waiting as long as can be.

So join us here each week my friends,
You're sure to get a smile,
From two stranded castaways,
Here on "Brandi’s Isle."

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