Monday, August 1, 2011

Oyster Creek Park

While we were out in Sugarland we made a stop by Oyster Creek Park.

It was a really pretty park with some beautiful water features and giant metal sculptures.

To get to the park we crossed a bridge over a little creek.  We happened to glance down and noticed tons of turtles.

They must get fed pretty often from the bridge because the longer we stood there the more turtles that kept appearing. 

As we made our way into the park the boys, of course, were drawn immediately to the rocks and water.  Luckily no children were drown during the taking of these pictures.  :)

It would actually be a really pretty place to take pictures.

The boys were even marginally cooperative and let me snap a picture of two of them.

Before they raced off climbing over the rocks at the water's edge.

As we made our way past the pavilion that houses the concert in the park series we saw the circuit of metal sculptures.

We had just started looking at them in the scorching heat in the middle of the afternoon when Connor decided that he needed to poop.  So we raced back to the restrooms near the parking lot and spent 20 minutes in the sweltering bathrooms waiting for him to do his business.  Afterwards we decided we had had enough heat stroke and need to cool off so we packed everyone up and headed to McDonalds for some nice cool drinks and some play time in their thankfully indoor play room.  While we were there a short storm passed through with a few sprinkles.  Luckily just enough to provide a little cloud cover and cool everything off enough to make it pretty pleasant.  So we headed back to the park check out the rest of the sculptures on the short loop through the park.

The boys found some that were just "their size."


We were enjoying our walk and had made it about half way around when we heard some slight rumbling of distant thunder, and glanced up to find the skies in front of us mostly cloud free, but those behind us looking a little ominous.

Realizing this wasn't the best place to be standing out in the open in a field, under the giant power lines, next to giant metal sculptures and ponds we picked up our pace and headed for the car.

Just as we rounded the final corner back towards the parking lot it began to sprinkle again.

Luckily we made it back to the car just in time to avoid the downpour.

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