Wednesday, August 3, 2011

River Park Spray Pad

Before heading home we made one last stop at River Park to check out the spray pad and playground.

Unfortunately since the spray pad hadn't been on our original list of things to do (a three hour tour... ) we hadn't thought to bring our swimsuits and given the pile of dirt incident the day before managed to make it out of the house without a change of clothes.  So our goal was not to get too wet, or only wet enough to dry off before we get back in the car.  :)

I am not sure Kevin got the memo...

But that's okay.  It's only a little water right?  No one is going to melt.  :)

After getting mildly drenched we sent the boys to play on the playground for a while in the hopes that they might dry off a little before we headed home.  Unfortunately the quick showers passed by here, too and the whole playground was a little wet.

And where there is a puddle the boys are sure to find it.

And for those of you whose ears haven't recovered from the original movie version of the spinning dizzy dummies I will spare you this time.

And leave you with just the picture version.

These things really were a hoot.  They spun super fast even when you didn't intend them to.  The boys spun, and spun until they were too dizzy to stand up and walk straight.

Does he look a little crooked to you?  It might have taken a while for the effects to wear off.  :)

We loved these seesaws.  For once ones that you can play on by yourself, and that won't kill you if say you brother decides to hop off with no warning for no apparent reason other than that he was done.

We told the boys we could take a short walk on the trails before heading home.  And they were off...

It was really a nice walk past another small park, across a nice bridge, and then alongside the fountains and pond surrounding the front of the park.

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