Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bouncin Bears

After a crazy morning spent trying unsuccessfully to buy an HP touchpad for the kids for $99, we headed to Mel's for lunch where we polished off an impressive array of fried food (mushrooms, catfish, okra, and chicken fried steak).  There was also salad (or spinach as the boys call it, because they don't like salad!), mashed potatoes, cornbread, and of course banana pudding.  :)

Afterwards we decided we should probably do something to work it all off so we headed to Bouncin Bears.  It's one of our favorite bounce places, and not just because they have open play on weekends...   It's a HUGE bounce place and even when the parking lot is packed there are still usually no more than 2 or 3 other kids on each bouncer with the exception of the giant pillow.  And the best part is that there isn't anything that the kids can't do 100% by themselves.  It's AWESOME.

The boys of course started with the giant pillow.   Ryan loves to bounce on it. 

Poor Connor has a rough time getting up and steady with all the other people jumping and bouncing him around.

But once he's up, even he gets some air!  :)

After a while they decided to see what else there was to play on and bee-lined for the big slide.  They zipped up...

And down...

and then popped right up and raced to get in line again.


and over....

And over again....

Until finally hot and sweaty they had to take a break and chug some juice. 

Down to the very last drop.

While Ryan went potty Connor headed over and checked out the toddler zone.

And then went looking for Ryan on every single bouncer.

He would climb to the top, look around for Ryan, them zoom down the slide to tell me that he wasn't up there...

So off to the next one we went until we had made the entire circuit of bouncers.  We finally found Ryan again, and the mommy monster chased them through and all around the bouncers a dozen times and then conked out in the middle of the big jumper while they jumped around me taunting and teasing me.

While I sat in the floor and recuperated the boys hit the jumping pillow with Kevin.

Ryan was really getting some air!

And Connor, with a little help from daddy, was hopping like a little bunny.

Needless to say we all had a great time.

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