Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet the Teacher Night

The boys' Preschool is having a meet the teacher night before the new school year starts.  Both of the boys will be moving to a new class this Fall - Preschool 2.  So it will be nice to get to meet their teachers without the crazy rush of morning or evening pick up.  :) 

I wanted to do a little something for the boys' teachers so when I saw a simple cookie tag idea over at eighteen25 I thought it would be perfect.  Especially with some giant yummy Cranberry White Chocolate cookies.

So this is what I was up baking and making last night: :)

The tags read "with you as my teacher" "I'll be one smart cookie." 

And the cookies... Delicious!  They are literally more than 4 inches across and loaded with cranberry white chocolate ooey gooey deliciousness.  I promised the boys I would save some for them tonight.  Let's hope they last that long.  :)

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