Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Waffles in a Can

Well, I can cross one more thing off my 2011 things I want to do list.  I made waffles.  With a "new recipe."  Though this was definitely NOT what I had in mind when I wrote the list - I have actually been meaning to try a recipe I found online that used cornmeal and promised to make the waffles uber crunchy which was the one thing I thought my waffles were missing last time.

But I made waffles from a can.  That's right.  A can.  I stumbled across the waffle batter in a can one late night at Walmart while I was leisurely pursing near the whipped cream in a can section.  And I made a mental note that someday I would have to try it.  So when I was in the store last week - again around midnight - and leisurely looking around I saw the can again and couldn't resist.

It took me a try or two to get the right brownness, and figure out just how much batter to put in the waffle maker.  My first couple of waffles were a little light when the beeper went off, and didn't fill the entire waffle maker.  I made mini waffles!  Yeah!  That's it!  I MEANT to do that.  Not.  :)

I was curious as to how they would taste and it turns out they were actually pretty good.  Once I worked out my doneness issues they came out nice and crispy and had a good flavor. 

Kevin had already inhaled something or other so it was just the boys and I eating and between the 3 of us we polished off all 6 waffles* the can made and a pint of raspberries.  There was literally nothing left on our plates.  :)

* It was more like 3 whole waffles and 3 mini's.  The first 2 were minis because I had no idea how much batter it would take, the next three were full size, and then the last one was another mini as I got to the end of the can and it spit and and spluttered as it ran out with about half of what I had intended to put in it.  So I would think a can would make roughly 4 full size waffles.  So when I make them again I will probably pick up 2 cans to make sure there are enough waffles for all 4 of us and give us a couple of leftovers to freeze for a weekday breakfast, too.

My only complaint was that batter didn't come out very fast and it seemed like parts of the waffle were already bubbling before I was even done filling, but in terms of no mess clean up it would be pretty hard to beat!

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  1. A pre-made waffle mix? That sounds pretty convenient! I'm going to go check this one out the next time I'm in the store.

    I wrote some answers to your questions on my blog. Funny how we were both thinking about almond bark this week! Here's were I answered your questions:



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