Saturday, October 2, 2010

Random Pictures from our Week

Random Pictures from our Week.

We got a train table. And a train set - for two.

The boys liked it.
Kevin complained about how much room it takes up. Sigh.

And we enjoyed an afternoon at the pool. It was the last weekend the pool was going to be open. We had it all to ourselves.

Ryan tried to squirt me. And my camera. I am glad he generally had bad aim.

The boys wore their hats one day.

They look so cute in them.

And we played outside.

We enjoyed the cooler almost fall like weather.

Then again they love to play outside even when it is 110.

It must be in their DNA.

In the Y chromosome.

They still aren't quite tall enough to reach the pedals.

Not that it matters.

They still have fun pushing them around as fast as their little legs can go.

Which as it turns out is actually pretty fast.

Until they start laughing. Or start playing bumper cars.

We picked them up early and took them to the park one day.

They love the park.

What's not to love?

Room to run. Things to crawl through.

Slides and swings. Speaking of the swings, the boys have learned something new at school. They learned how to fly.

We saw the nature trail. At mach speed. Until Connor got us lost.

When we found our way it was time for sustenance. Not that they really ate their dinner.

They were too busy saving room for dessert.

Not that it will go to their thighs. They ran enough the next morning at the grand opening of the new bounce place to burn off the ice cream. And their gigantic buffet breakfast before hand.

And pizza. And popcorn. It was exhausting just watching them.

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