Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dewberry Farm: The Chicken Coop

We managed to coax the boys out of Little Farmersville by promising them that they could go see the chickens.

They LOVE the chickens.

They were absolutely mesmerized by them.

They aren't the only ones. I confess that the chickens are always near the top of my list, too. They are entertaining, and educational. I love the random facts about the chickens, the catchy corny songs, the enjoyment the kids get out of them, and the fact that I get to sit down for 10 minutes in the shade when it is unseasonably warm outside. :)

And of course before we could move we had to take a picture with the pumpkins...

They grow like weeds I tell you.

Don't believe me?? I have proof.

What a difference a year can make. Though these guys were pretty entranced by those same chickens too as I recall...

Look at those faces... So cute... :) Wanna see more? Take a trip down memory lane with me, here.

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