Monday, October 18, 2010

Dewberry Farm: Little Farmersville

Along with a few million other people we made our yearly fall pilgrimage to Dewberry Farm this weekend.

As it turns out, we arrived before they actually opened despite thinking we were running about an hour late. Next time I should definately check their hours of operation before we go. I should also pay closer attention to clues about something going on (no Groupons this weekend... hint, hint expecting ALOT of people...)

After the drive then having to wait in line to get tickets we decided to hit Little Farmersville first to let the boys run off some energy.

The PVC slide in Little Farmersville is always one of our favorites.

Though Connor decided this year that the drawbridge was just as much fun to slide down for some reason. Probably because I kept trying to convice him that it was NOT a slide.

He assured me that you could indeed slide down it on your bottom whether you inteded to or not.

Connor also enjoyed swinging on the horse swings.

The faster and wilder the better of course.

Also a perinneal favorite is the corn shack.

It's like a giant sandbox, except with corn instead of sand.

I am always surprised by my first step inside. I watch the boys walking around just past ankle deep and am stunned when I sink down up to my knees. Despite the fact that it happens every single time.

Ryan was lured in by the promise of Tonka trucks.

Only he decided he wasn't crazy about all that sinking. And corn. He much preferred to push his truck around on terra firma.

Or actual sand. It gives a little, but doesn't threaten to swallow you whole.

Connor played some hide and seek - first inside the oversized tractor tires then inside the oversized pipe.

Meanwhile Ryan discovered that he still wasn't quite tall enough to reach the tractor pedals.

Neither was Connor.


  1. possibly Connor remembered an 'exit left flip with a sudden hard ground stop' off the drawbridge from last year. Pretty good reason to slide on your bottom....

  2. Nah. Just being honary. It is fairly steep at one end so it does look kind of like a slide. He's just lucky he didn't get any splinters in his rear end...



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