Friday, October 8, 2010

The Sweetberry Farm Pumpkin Patch

The "Pumpkin Patch" at Sweetberry Farm is a true delight. No, there weren't rows of picturesque pumpkins growing on a vine. But there were pumpkins practically as far as your eyes could see.

They were gathered in clumps providing perfect picture opportunities.

There were classic pumpkins, and half a dozen different varieties, too. Not to mention a whole slew of gourds.

There was something for everyone.

I particularly liked the old farm truck. It was chalk full of the pie pumpkins when we arrived early in the day.

By late afternoon it's bounty had shrunk enough that there was room for the kids up under the hood.

The boys had a great time sorting through the pint sized pumpkins in the back of the truck.

They were certainly easier to lift than the larger varieties as Connor discovered a short while later...

Connor was fascinated by the pumpkins.

He found the white ones particularly interesting.

And despite my repeated attempts of making all kinds of noises he was wise to my attempts and slyly refused to look at the camera.


Ryan was slightly more cooperative.

For a second or two, anyways....

Before he started giggling.

And realized that he was stuck in the pumpkins.

There were several scenic spots perfect for pictures.

Not that we had any hope of getting the boys in one place at the same time.

It cracked me up the way Ryan sat down the hay bale in the horse trailer. He looked like he was posing when really he was discovering that hay is rough and itchy on bare legs.

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