Friday, October 22, 2010

Dewberry Farm's Pumpkin Hollarland

In past years Dewberry Farm had an area set up on the other side of the mosquito moat as we liked to call it where after dark you could stroll along side hundreds of carved and lit pumpkins. The only problem with it was that they didn't open it until it was REALLY dark which mean that the kids were long since restless or passed out. This year they moved it to it's own building which is conveniently pitch black 24/7. Connor and I checked it out.

He immediately spotted some characters he recognized including Elmo, Nemo, and Buzz Lightyear.

There was no flash photography allowed and when I say it was dark, it was absolutely pitch black. It took my eyes quite a while to adjust to the lack of light.

I was actually afraid to let go of Connor because I couldn't see well enough to be able to find him again.

The outside walls of the barn were lined with carved pumpkins of various themes. The inside had a big tree and some vignettes of pumpkins.

Connor and I both really enjoyed our visit.

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