Monday, September 27, 2010

Melts my heart

We took the boys to McDonalds for breakfast this weekend. There is one step on their indoor playground that is always a bit of a challenge, but once they get past it they can do everything else on their own. We used to help them past it. But more recently they have been able to do it themselves with a little bit of determination and an encouraging reminder that they CAN do it.

This weekend they had both been up two or three times by themselves already when Connor just decided he couldn't do it by himself anymore. He asked me to come help him. As I stood just below him telling him where to put his leg and how he could do it himself Ryan came up behind him. As Connor lifted one leg up and strained to push off on his tiptoes Ryan pushed with both hands on Connor's rear end to get him up there. It was so cute. And so adorably sweet.

When they came down the slide the next time Ryan (who is now taller by probably 2 inches) had already scrambled up and was off to the races when he heard Connor saying that he needed help. Ryan told Connor "I will help you!" and came back, got back down, and once again pushed Connor up onto the platform before hopping back up himself.


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