Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dewberry Farm: The Pumpkin Patch

The day was winding down and we still hadn't made it out to the pumpkin patch so before we left we made our way over to get in the line for the hayride to the patch.

The second we set foot off the wagon the boys both went in their own direction.

Connor to check out each pumpkin along the way, and Ryan to just run as far and as fast as he could.

Ryan found Dean again in the pumpkin patch. And while we couldn't get him to sit still for a single picture he was perfectly content to sit next to Dean.

He even picked out a pumpkin for Connor and told him just where to sit.

Before long the boys were off to the races again. They ran up and down the dirt rows in the patch.

Connor occasionally got distracted by a pumpkin. He was so funny checking them out. He would roll them around and knock of them as part of his inspection.

We eventually made our way down the dusty path back from the pumpkin patch. The boys thoroughly enjoyed kicking up the dirt coating us all. By the time we made our way back they were putting the tractors and wagons up for the night. We stopped beside one of the tractors and took a few last pictures before calling it a night.

And in a rare moment of cooperation both of the boys actually looked at the camera and smiled. :)

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