Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Hayride at Sweetberry Farm

Having successfully completed the hay maze at Sweetberry Farm we headed off to check out some of the other attractions. I had read online somewhere that the hayride took you past a patch of scarecrows. The boys always enjoy a tractor ride and my interest was piqued by the scarecrows. After having walked 10 miles in the 1/4 acre maze we decided that now would indeed be a good time to sit down and enjoy the ride.

And we were not disappointed. The hay ride was AMAZING! The tractor took us down a typical dirt road off into what looked like a pasture of sorts. Then as we made a turn and headed down across a dry creek bed "Scarecrow Island" came into sight. There were dozens of scarecrow vignettes set up along the path.

We criss-crossed and wound our way around the island taking them all in.

Some were old timey vignettes.

Some were themed.

Quite a few were humorous. Like the groom trying to escape in "Getting Hitched."

We thoroughly enjoyed them all. Like the maze, the hayride is something else we will definitely be doing again next time we visit Sweetberry Farm.

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