Sunday, October 18, 2009

On the Farm

A few weeks ago we visited Dewberry Farm on their opening weekend. The boys had a blast.

We started our tour of the farm off with a stop by Little Farmersville. Ryan wanted to drive the tractor. And Connor took the horse swing out for a little ride.

They both tried out the sandbox and the pvc pipe slide. Kevin even took Connor for a quick spin around the path on a tricycle. And before we could go on they both had to try out the big boys swings.

From there we ventured over for our official height check.

Afterwards we sat down to enjoy a little shade, a snack, and the singing chicken show.

Refreshed and ready to see what other wonders the farm held we headed towards the pond to say hello to the ducks and geese, and do a little rubber duckie racing the old fashioned way - with hand crank water pumps.

Then we wandered over to the big red barn to gawk at the chickens, roosters, goats, chicks, rabbits, and horses. The rooster was rather accommodating and serenaded us with "Cock-a-doodle-do's" frequently much to the delight of the boys - especially Ryan who would point and say "do-do!" excitedly. They weren't quite sure what to think of the baby goats whose pen was next door to the chickens.

We will never know if they would have worked up the courage to pet the goats as the baby chicks soon caught and held their attention for quite some time.

We did finally convince them to move on and say hello to the horses, and even take a peek at the bunnies.

We left the barn just in time to pet to the pig statue, take him for a short ride, and then watch the pig races.

The race was even more "exciting" than intended as Ryan darted out of sight in the crowd and Kevin lost him for a minute or two before we found him under the duck racing table rescuing a lost rubber duckie. After that I decided it would be a good idea to strap both of the boys into their unescapable 5-point harnesses in the stroller and never ever let them out again. Or at least not for a very long time. Sometime after they turn 18 maybe? So with them securely strapped in we wandered over to check out the corn maze. The first time or two in we only made it a short ways before going in circles and ending up coming out the same way we came in. We did eventually find our way into the heart of the maze and make a stop by the bridge.

The boys took a nice nap while Kevin and I took turns pushing the stroller through muddy patches and over the trenches. By the time we got out the boys had enjoyed a nice nap and Kevin and I were exhausted from pushing the stroller through the mud. :) So while we "rested" we let the boys climb the mountain of hay and watch other kids swinging off the top like little Tarzans. The boys finally spied the huge slides so off we went to check them out.

Up and down they went just as fast as they could slide, and as fast as we could carry them back up to the top. Hoping for a break from all those stairs we went to check out Fort Dewhickey where they crawled through the long tunnel and eventually made their way up the ramp to the upper platform to the biggest slide. It was super slick. They shot down it and whooshed off onto the ground and were ready to do it all over again.

As it was getting late we instead headed over to catch a hay ride to the pumpkin patch. Only the patch wasn't open so we sat back and enjoyed the ride past the patch, by the Christmas trees, around the maze, down beside the water looking for turtles, past Pumpkin Hollow to return to where we started. They did however have a collection of pumpkins nearby.

The boys were more interested in checking out the pumpkins than posing for any pictures. And before long they spotted a sign with animals and had to go over and point them out telling us what each of the animals were and what sound they made.

While I think the boys could have continued on for a few more hours, after 6 hours at the farm Kevin and I were pretty tuckered out. So we loaded up the boys, and the muddy stroller and headed towards home. Everyone but me was fast asleep in no time at all.

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