Thursday, November 29, 2012


I fully appreciate that NORMAL people would run for the hills screaming bloody murder when faced with something like this. 

 It's 4 INCHES LONG. Let me say that again - FOUR INCHES LONG.

And had it been alive I would have been plowing over innocent children to get as far as humanly possible from it.  But it was just grossly fascinating - in the it gives me the heebie jeebies, but I just can't stop gawking at it kind of way.  In the we HAVE to take this to show and tell kind of way.

Oh, yes, we did.  Not only that - we packed it up in a piece of tupperware, dropped it in the top of an open carry on bag, carted it through the airport, and on the plane to bring it HOME with us and then had a fight over WHO could take it to show and tell first.

And oh, yeah, totally forgot to warn the teacher about it.  I can only imagine her surprise as she opened the lid completely unsuspecting.  I hear there was a bit of screaming.  And tossing.  And running.  There might have even been some standing on chairs.

Did I mention they LOVE us?  We always bring the best show and tells.   And life is never, ever, dull with us in your class.  :) 

Some of the boys in the class even pronounced it the COOLEST.SHOW.AND.TELL.EVER. 

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