Friday, November 2, 2012

Cars Halloween

For Halloween this year the boys went as cars from the Cars movies - Ryan went as Lightning McQueen.

And Connor was his favorite car - Holley Shiftwell.

Though after this trial run we realized that we needed a little more work on our suspender system.  I ended up switching to a much wider, and softer ribbon and doing a criss cross that rested on their shoulders and backs instead of on their necks.  :)

When we finally went trick-er-treating the boys got lots of compliments on their costumes and enjoyed showing their cars off.   :) 

There were tons of people out trick-er-treating in our neighborhood.  And several of the houses really went all out in their decorating.

Ryan was all business when it came to candy - nothing and no one was going to deter him.  :)  Connor on the other hand kept a close eye on the decorations and had to be encouraged to approach some of the scarier houses initially.

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