Sunday, November 18, 2012

Soccer Party

The boys' soccer party was a smashing success.  Not that I bothered to take any pictures... Thanks to Kevin for ast least remembering to take a few!  :)

And for the record I showed great restraint.  Really I did!  I completely fought off the temptation to buy balloons, or make another balloon banner.  Though the thought did cross my mind... :)

As the kids started their second game I took a few minutes and set up the table for the after game celebration.  Each child had their own place setting - marked by their picture frame and customized CDs.

My children were most enthusiastic about the popcorn.  Ryan loudly proclaimed as all the kids arrived and were excitedly looking for their stuff that "We brought the popcorn!!"  :)  Which totally made me laugh.  What surprised me most was how excited several of the kids were about their "own CDs!!"

The kids were also pretty excited about their big shiny trophies.  :)

And "Look!  It turns!"

And given that we had just eaten lunch before the game not too terribly many folks ate the pizza, but the vast majority of them polished off their popcorn, ate cookies, and devoured their cupcakes.

Talk about sugar buzz!!  Afterwards we let the kids run around for about an hour to run some of it off while we visited.  Before the coach left we asked him if he would be coaching again next year. He said he thought he would and a number of us agreed that we would request to be on the same team again.  So while we said goodbye to our soccer friends, hopefully it will just be until next season.

P.S. And while hopefully next season we will get a better color uniforms, I will also remember that while those table cloths matched really well in the package they were a totally different color when I pulled them out - so should have gone with the green underlay!  Next time, next time...

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