Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Inks Lake - Day 1

A few weeks ago one of our friends bought a new tent and was eager to go camping and take it out for a spin.  He lucked into a highly coveted reservation at Inks Lake State Park and invited us along.  So Saturday after our soccer game we made the drive up to Inks Lake State Park (near Austin.)

And as luck would have it - we ended up in a great spot under a giant old oak tree, just across the street from the water, and a hop and a skip away from the restroom, the park store, the playground, and the on-site restaurant with plenty of room for the kids to run and play.

In no time I had our little tent up and ready to go despite the fact that I hadn't put it together in years.  And other than the fact that the tent bag was missing a stake and I didn't remember to grab a hammer it was pretty uneventful.  :)

Before long our friends arrived and while they worked on getting their tent setup the kids pulled out cars and construction trucks and ran them all over our site.

I finally convinced Ryan to take a break long enough to make a trip to the restroom and a detour back by the boat shed & launch just before sunset.

The views were absolutely spectacular as the sun went down.  Kevin and I both snapped a few (dozen) pictures of the sunset.  :)

Other than a little accident after I left to run to the store for some smores that left Connor looking absolutely pitiful with a giant fat lip and skinned chin from where he ventured out the of the lighted area and ran face first into one the big boulders lining the road it was a picture perfect day.

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