Friday, November 16, 2012

Soccer Treats

 Oh, yes, I did.  :)

Because normal is apparently just not in my vocabulary.

Even if the team is full of fuddy dud parents who don't want to do anything fun for an end of season party.

I have been taking pictures all season and sharing them on our team's website.  I did mention that I created a website for our team, right?  Yes.  For 5 year old soccer.  I refer you to the normal statement above. ;)  And I have to admit at the end of the season I still think it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. 

But...  to save time uploading I have been resizing the images - so I knew at the end of the season that I wanted to give the other parents a CD of the full resolution pictures I have taken. Only wouldn't it be nice to have all the pictures organized by player similar to the tags and slideshow on the website. And speaking of slideshow... you know... Picasa lets you make Gift CDs with a slideshow... and it was all downhill from there.  :)

The DVD (because CD's weren't big enough... :)) autoruns and comes up to a slidshow viewer.  When you select a child the slideshow starts and shows you all the pictures that were tagged for that person.  Can you say AWESOME??  :)

And speaking of all those pictures... wouldn't it be nice to frame one or two for the parents??? And when I stumbled on the frames I knew it was just perfect - room for a "glory shot" and an action shot.  Luckily I found great pictures of every player.  And was once again off to the races.

And while that was all well and good they were both more for the parents than the kids.  So I started thinking treat ideas again.  And decided the candy popcorn would be quick and easy.  And delicious.  :) 

I also picked up the last thing for the party today - the kids' trophies.  They are going to be so thrilled.  :)

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