Thursday, November 22, 2012

The boys' school celebrated Thanksgiving with a Feast at school last Friday night.  The kids helped prepare the veggies - snapping beans, husking corn, and peeling carrots and potatoes.  Ryan did a whole bowl of beans and then he helped with the corn.  Connor was apparently a master carrot peeler.  They were both so excited to have been able to help.  Ryan told me afterwards any time I wanted to cook green beans that he could do the whole bowl of beans all by himself.  :)

While we were eating Kevin glanced over and happened to notice that the kids had make turkeys and written on each feather something they were thankful for.  This was Ryan's:

It reads:
My Halloween bag
The candy I got at Halloween
The cars my daddy gets
The planes my daddy buys
My house.

Needless to say I had a good chuckle.  Clearly Daddy has been feeding them too much candy, and sneaking cars and planes behind my back (we had an agreement - NO MORE CARS) as our house was being overrun by every hotwheel and Cars car known to mankind.

Connor's made me smile as well. 

Though I suspect he might just have been coached to add one or two of them to the list.  :)  Ryan's no doubt were all his own.  :)

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