Thursday, November 8, 2012

Exploring Inks Lake

After our canoeing adventure we ventured over to Devils Waterhole to check out the trail and creek bed.

The trail was thankfully really well marked as there were several areas through the rocks where without the markers we probably would have wandered off in the complete wrong direction.

Not that we didn't take any detours anyway, though.  :)

I remembered from our first trip here a year or two ago that there was a neat area in the dry creek bed just off the trail.  So when we saw the rock outcropping we picked our way down the rocks and into the creek bed.

The rocks were beautiful.  And we could see quite a few fish in the shallow but crystal clear ponds.

While we were checking out what must be a beautiful waterfall when the creek is running Kevin clambored up to the top and was telling us what was on the other side.  Of course I wanted to see, too, but knew from watching him that getting up the last part was deceptively difficult.  So he came back and kept an eye on the kids while Sharon and I made our way up to the top, too.  I found a slightly easier way up and was patting myself on the back for the ease of which I scaled the last 10 ft section.  Hard?  Hummph!  Hardly!  :)  We looked around and as the kids were getting wrestless and wanted to either climb up to where we were or throw rocks neither of which was a good idea we started to head back.  :)  At which time I was reminded that sometimes things are far easier to get into than they are to get out of... Turns out getting up wasn't the problem.  Getting down was more challenging.  The footholds were there, but you coudln't see them, or quite reach them without just turning around and dropping in blind faith that they were there, and that your feet would find them, and find purchase.  And you know, not twist an ankle, or break your neck.  :)  Quite uncharacteristically I just sat down, turned around, and just dropped without giving it too much thought.  And luckily the footholds were just where I expected the last several feet were easy to reverse back down.  Good thing, too as Kevin told me before going up that if I broke my leg he was NOT carrying me back out. :)

We eventually made our way back to the trail and continued on around seeing all kinds of neat rock formations we hadn't seen before.

Some that little monkeys, and big monkeys alike decided were just asking to be scaled.

We truly couldn't have picked a better weekend - the weather was just gorgeous.  Or a better place.  The trails were lovely and the rock climbing reminiscent of younger days at camp.  :)  We all thoroughly enjoyed our little trek.  We will definitely have to do it again next time we make it out to Inks Lake.

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