Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Salt Water Fishing

Kevin has been chomping at the bit to do some salt water fishing since he got a salt water stamp on his fishing license this year.  He and one of the guys in his group have been talking about where to fish, and talking about making a trip for a while now.  They still haven't found a date where they can both go, but this past weekend Kevin drove down to Galveston and did a little wade fishing and caught a couple of Flounder. 

Today he took advantage of the relative quiet at work and took a half day to do some more fishing.  He brought back the limit of two Flounder to show the kids.  They were particularly fascinated that it had two eyes on one side, and no eyes on the other.

And that it was different colors on each side to help it blend in and hide. 

The boys have already started asking when they can fish in the ocean and when they can catch their own Flounder now, too.  Because fish with two eyes on one side are apparently WAY cooler than the catfish, bass, sunfish, and crappie that they have been catching.  And they want to take one to show and tell!  :)

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