Friday, June 12, 2009

A visit from the tooth fairy

Boy has it been a busy month around here as far as teeth are concerned. At the beginning of the month Ryan had 8 teeth, and Connor trailed behind with just 4. In the last month though the boys have been teething fiends though they seem to have taken it mostly in stride. I have started a “new tooth” post at least half a dozen times, but each time I count I get a different number. And no, it’s not my Aggie math. So I decided to wait until I came up with the same number a couple of days in a row. So here we are… Care to take a gander where the final count stands? I know I wouldn’t have guessed anywhere near this many. Drum roll please…. Ryan with 12 (up 4) and Connor with 10 (up 6).

All 4 of Ryan’s molars have broken the skin, and all but 1 of them are pretty much in. Connor had a molar pop through, and little tell tale bumps of another, but still no sign of the missing front 4. As another molar started swelling hinting at its future appearance we finally saw a tiny little slit of one his missing top front teeth. And a day or so later the same tooth on the other side came through about the same time the 3rd molar showed us the first little white pearls. The 4th molar is starting to show and sure to make it’s appearance any day now. Those 2 front bottom teeth are still suspiciously absent. If history is any indication, given his propensity to go months without a tooth to suddenly sprout them all in one giant spurt I am sure they will be making an appearance shortly.

I will try to get some pictures of all those pearly whites in the next few days for show and tell.

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