Sunday, June 14, 2009

The neighborhood pool

I had been wanting to take the boys to the neighborhood pool for a while now, but had decided that we should wait until swim lessons started so we didn't traumatize them to the point where there was no way they would get in the pool before then. So now that lessons started, and in compliance with our homework to practice or swimming skills before the next class we dutifully went to the pool after lunch. Such a hardship. :)

Our main pool has a pretty awesome setup. There is a big "adult" pool with lanes for swimming laps, a double decker shallow baby pool with a fountain, a kids swim area, and a giant kids play area with a water annihilation fortress, slide, water blasters, waterfall mushroom and more.

I thought that around noon time would be a good time to go to the pool assuming that lots of people would leave the pool for lunch, small kids would go home to nap, and we would have the place to ourselves. Apparently lots of other people had the same idea. :) We ran into several of our neighbors including one of the guys in Kevin's group. Similar to our experience of Saturday Connor gleefully took off into the pool and proceeded to wander around the kids play area checking everything out. Not even the accidental dunkings he took when he tripped damped his enthusiasm. Ryan was not nearly as thrilled. He preferred hit and run wave splashing from the beach entry and checking out one of the drip areas of the water fortress to actually being in the kids pool. Stalking other people's snacks, had he actually been allowed to have any, would have been a bigger highlight for him.

Before long we got kicked out of the pool for "adult swim time" which seems completely silly getting kicked out of the kids play area for, but I think it is more of a break for the lifeguards than anything else. After it was over we took the boys into the adult pool to swim around for a little while. Ryan had fun chasing after his floating hat. I would toss it a ways in front of us and we would go after it. He kept eyeing a floating soaker ball some other kids were playing with nearby as well. Next time we will have to remember to bring something like that, too.

As naptime rolled around we drug the boys out of the pool, got them dried off and changed and started packing up. At one point after I had gotten both boys dressed and Kevin was wandering around with Connor Ryan made a mad dash for the open door to the mens bathroom and made it inside before I could catch up with him so I barged in shouting "Knock, knock, coming in! Sorry!" Ryan thought it was pretty funny.

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