Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 1

After a stop by Taco Villa of course we took the boys by the house got them fed, unloaded the car, and put them down for their nap. When they woke up we jumped in the Lincoln teleporter and 10 minutes later arrived at Stonehenge. With an admonishment not to knock any of the rocks over we let the boys explore the ruins. After snacks I let Ryan stomp in a tiny little water puddle left by rare storms passing by that morning. Not to be outdone Grannie took Connor over to a much larger pool and let him splash until he looked like a happy drown rat. Ryan took a turn too before it was over.

We walked from Stonehenge to the duck pond. Didn’t know there was a duck pond near Stonehenge? Well, there is. And there were ducks and geese. Despite “duck” being one of the boys most consistent words they seemed less than interested in the ducks than the water, and for Ryan at least a particularly interesting switch from a bush which he used to sweep the area. After a minor run in with campus police over some shady, but slightly illegal parking – it was a family trip after all, and no family trip is complete without a run in with the law these days – we decided to call it a day and head home.

Great Grannie and Grandaddy came over just in time to watch the boys eat dinner, and run around before baths and bedtime. Great Grannie even got to the be the guest storytime reader.

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