Sunday, June 7, 2009

A first time for everything

Sunday was a pretty busy day. We took the boys to a pizza buffet for the first time. The pizza was pretty greasy, but they seemed to enjoy it. Afterwards we stopped by a new park nearby. The boys got to see some ducks and geese. I swear Ryan even said the word "duck." We let them play on the playground for a while, too. Connor ended up playing in the sand while Ryan ran around checking things out.

We decided to make a return visit later in the day and came prepared with some bread to feed the ducks. Luckily it wasn't stale bread, because the ducks may not have been hungry, but our two little garbage disposals acted like they were starving so we fed most of it to them. We took the boys on a short stroller ride down by the creek at the park. Pushing the stroller though some sand was pretty hard work! I keep telling Kevin there's no need to go to the gym - he can get all his exercise at home. Need to lift weights? No problem. Pick the boys up and put them down a few dozen times. Cardio? Chase the boys around for an hour or two. :)

We wrapped up the outing with another visit to the playground. Ryan spent most of his time devising ways to run out of the play area and steal other children's toys. Connor amused himself in the sand by the bench again picking up and trying to eat all kinds of nasty things. Yuck!

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