Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Head butting children really can kill you

Head butting children really can kill you, or your teeth at least. Or so my dentist tells me. A while back I went to the dentist for the first time in a long time. One of his findings was a dead tooth. A tooth that was infected and incinerating my jaw bone. So on Monday I went in to have a root canal. It took almost 3 hours, and unlike the previous visit where I didn't feel a thing I felt an awful lot for an already dead root that should feel no pain. My whole mouth was sore and I will forever have nightmares about the pointy looking toothpick that is all that's left of one of my teeth. Not that anyone other than me, the dentist, and the hygienist will ever know thanks to the miracles of resin and crowns.

I was sad however to see another tooth go. I was also thankful that I live now, and not sometime in the past where by now I would either have a mouthful of rotting teeth, or giant empty holes where they were pulled with pliers without even the thought of something pain numbing.

Little did I know I would likely need more pain killers after the procedure than during. The whole area is pretty swollen, and super tender. Eating is out of the question. And a liquid diet doesn't sound nearly as unpleasant as it might have a few days ago. Hopefully it will feel better in the near future. Until then, bartender, more drugs please. And keep them coming.

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