Thursday, June 4, 2009

15 months

The boys had their 15 month check up this week. I always look forward to these appointments. Seeing how much they have grown, how much they weigh, how tall they are. Though it’s funny I always leave grouching about how their scale must be broken. Because there is no way that Ryan only weighs 1 pound less than Connor. No way at all. I demand a reweigh.

Both of the boys are doing great. They are right on their curve. Their weight gain seems to have slowed down some as they only gained 1lb each between 12 and 15 months. They eat a ton, but they never stop moving, either. They are both walking really well. I often let them walk into and out of daycare instead of carrying them like I used to. They hold my hand and negotiate the big step up onto the curb like pros. Speaking of eating, they are getting really good at taking bites of food instead of shoving giant pieces of things into their mouths. They have also learned to break things into smaller pieces with their hands before putting it into their mouth. School has been giving them spoons and they commented the other day that they both did really well with some potatoes and applesauce, though we haven't been brave enough to try it ourselves. They are both 100% bottle free. They can both drink really well out of sippy cups and through straws. They can drink out of a water bottle too as long as we hold it. They are also doing a great job with signing. They can both sign more, and all done. Ryan can sign milk, banana, and please. They both wave hi, bye and night night. They blow kisses. They give high fives, and they are both doing the signs with the Itsy Bitsy spider. They give lots of hugs, and Ryan has even started giving kisses, too. They are also getting pretty good at following simple commands - they will go get shoes, socks, and various toys. They have started associating putting shoes on with going. It's funny to watch them head towards the door if we do once they have their shoes on so they can be the first one out. They LOVE to read books, though they have seemed less interested of late with having us read them books than they have been "reading" to themselves. They are both babbling up a storm. They both say mama, and dada with prompting. Ryan also tries to say banana (nana), and ball (ba). They are also getting to where they point to all kinds of things. Ryan frequently asks what's this (though it's a bit hard to catch it sounds something like "wass sit"). Ryan will also sometimes repeat other things you try to say (like the Veggie Tales he surprised us with a couple of months ago). They can now climb on and off of most of their sit on top toys. They can also push them backwards. They love taking walks in their little red cars. Connor especially loves to drive a little wild and crazy. He's such an active driver - he holds on to the steering wheel and turns it. He honks alot (just like momma) and always wants to go faster. Ryan is much more relaxed - he just sits back in his seat and enjoys the ride.
They just get to be more and more fun every day. They learn so much so fast it is really amazing. I can't wait to see what new things they learn in the next 3 months!

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  1. It is hard to believe the boys are already 15 months old. Sounds like they are doing great and growing up really fast. I always enjoy reading your blog. You two have so much fun with the boys and introduce them to so many new things. You're doing a great job.



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