Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 4

We spent most of our last day packing and playing around the house. We had breakfast and even convinced Ryan to try some scrambled eggs. He wasn't a huge fan of them, but because they came from my plate he ate some.
The boys really enjoyed Grannie's welcome banner, too. They liked to point out the animals. Ryan particularly liked the lion. He would point to it and "roar."

The boys also had a good time in the backyard chasing golf balls. Connor got absolutely filty crawling under stuff to retrieve his ball. Ryan was a really good "big brother." He would get Connor's ball and bring it back to him. He is getting really good at sharing. He will take Connor his sippy of water, and will share toys with him most of the time. It's really sweet.

We flew back late in the afternoon. Kevin wasn't able to meet us at the gate so I managed both rolling bags, the stroller, the car seat, and the gigantic diaper bag all by myself. I was pretty exhausted by the time we made it out of security. All in all the flights worked out really well. Luckily the boys were really great for the most part. Good enough to convice me that maybe we will try it again someday. :)

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