Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 3

The boys were kind enough to sleep in until 7:15. After breakfast we got ready and packed up the car for a trip to Balmorhea to go swimming with the fish. After a rough lunch stop in Pecos we made it to Balmorhea. The pool there was even nicer, and much larger than I remembered. We got everyone changed into their suits and headed into the water. While I was sweating buckets out in the heat of the hot June afternoon sun in the desert the water was a shockingly cool temperature. Though after being in for a while it wasn’t too bad. Ryan and I had a great time chasing one of his shoes. He reached for it with his little legs kicking like crazy. After a while we traded off. Connor preferred to hold on tight trying to draw as much body warmth from me as he could to bring some warmth back to his blue practically chattering little lips. Poor kid – who knew you could get hypothermia in the middle of the desert in June when the temperature outside was a blistering 95. We got out for a while and got him warmed back up. Ryan and Grannie wandered around picking up rocks, tripping over roots and of course snacking. There is no doubt about it - Ryan’s absolute favorite past time is eating. We went back in for one last swim before heading out. Getting back in the second time was almost as bad as getting in the first.

We took a slightly different way back home sending us past some beautiful drifting sand dunes between Imperial and Monahans. We pulled the boys out to play in the sand for a few minutes. Connor ended up getting sand in his eyes and was a pretty unhappy camper. Ryan had a great time.

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