Thursday, April 23, 2009

A trip to the sandbox

The boys ventured into their first public sandbox yesterday evening. We went to Willies for dinner and let the boys play in the sandbox while we were waiting on the food to arrive. It was quite an adventure. Ryan decided to eat a "hunk of sand." Let's just hope it was sand anyways because by the time we got there to fish it out all that was left was the muddy drool seeping out of the sides of his mouth. Yuck! Then between the boys trying to “help” other people with their sandbox building and the blatant thieving going on there was never a quiet moment. The boys wanted to play with a bucket one of the little girls had filled up with sand. To keep them away from it we finally had to fill their own bucket with the equivalent of a tea spoon. It was soon confiscated by another child who Ryan just followed to it’s new location which the thief did not appreciate. Lather, rinse, repeat. Connor destroyed the second thief’s castle without a seconds hesitation and had quite a good time doing it too his maniacal laughter was any clue or the heaps of flying sand as he tore into with gusto. Ryan stole a toy car and made a mad dash out of the sandbox in the hopes of keeping it. Connor wanted one of the hundred rakes a little girl was hoarding. She didn't particularly want to share. That didn't deter him one bit from crawling smack into the middle of them and taking up a perch on top of the pile.

By the time the food arrived we really appreciated the reprieve that having them contained in the highchairs at our table on the patio afforded. They ate really well, too. They polished off more than half of the biggest side of mashed potatoes I have ever seen in addition to their kids meal. Then they sat pateiently while Kevin and I finished off the last of the crawfish while they watched the action in the sandbox and the plethora of birds hopping here and there.

We let them play a little more before we left. They were covered head to toe in sand despite our best attempts to dust it all off. They really did have a good time though.

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