Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter in Jasper

Every year Kevin's family and friends get together the Saturday before Easter. It's a great opportunity to see and catch up with people we don't get to see as often as we would like. There are typically about a dozen kids running around and having a good time. We were really looking forward to Ryan and Connor watching and playing with the big kids. Unfortunately some folks couldn't make this year and there weren't as many kids as usual. The boys still had a great time exploring and running around with their lions.

Grandpa and the easter baskets

Grandpa made the kids Easter baskets, and one for mom, too. Uncle Randy and Diana hid eggs for the kids to find. I think this is the first year that we have been that Kevin and his cousins haven't hidden the eggs, but Kevin was a bit preoccupied trying to help contain Ryan and Connor to do any hiding of his own. That's probably a good thing for the boys though as he has a habit of stashing eggs in hard to find or reach places. Uncle Randy and Diana were much kinder and left a field of eggs for the boys to discover.

Connor in the field of eggs

Ryan putting eggs in his basket

Connor putting eggs in his basket, too.

Thanks to that practice at school the boys knew just what to do. They were amazingly good at picking up eggs and putting them in the baskets. However, Ryan liked to carry at least one egg around with him while looking for others so he would typically only give you his if his hands were full, and then only just one to free up a hand to pick up more. He also really wanted to know what was in the eggs. He kept running around opening them up and pouring out the contents. Contents which he would then try and eat wrappers and all.

Ryan opening eggs

Ryan trying to figure out how to pick them both up with one hand because the other hand was already full, too.

Connor - working hard picking up eggs.

Ryan making a run for it eggs in hand.

Connor getting in on the "opening" part, too.

Ryan. When did he become such a big kid?

The boys had a great time. They were both filthy and exhausted by the time we headed home. We missed all the folks who couldn't make it. Hopefully we will see them before next year!

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