Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another run in with the law...

Are you sensing a trend here? I am pretty sure I should never leave town again...

On the way back from Jasper coming down 59 a policeman and a trooper had a car pulled over on the side of the road. I was in the right hand lane as we approached. I looked to see if I could get over, but to no avail – the left hand lane was bumper to bumper so I slowed down a little but continued on. Just after I passed the police car pulled out behind us. A couple of miles down the road I saw my exit and as I was slowing down and turning my blinker on to exit on came the lights. He pulled me over to give me a warning that by law you should change lanes or slow down at least 20 MPH when passing a stopped vehicle. And did I know my taillight was out? After looking frantically I couldn’t find my drivers license, and it took us several minutes to locate the right insurance paper amid the piles of expired ones in the glove box recently disturbed in the search for a map.

Luckily I knew my drivers’ license number and vs. having me running around outside the car opening doors looking for the misplaced license amid all the potential hiding places (console, wallet, diaper bag, diaper changer, etc.) he took the number. He also noted that my inspection was expired, and my registration as well. The registration had actually been renewed – and on time even! – but wasn’t in the car.

When it was all said he done he wrote me a ticket for the inspection and just a verbal warning for the flurry of other issues (slowing down when passing, tail light out, missing drivers’ license, and missing registration). Thank you Mr. Nice Policeman.

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