Thursday, April 30, 2009

A party in the backseat

We were headed home last night when out of nowhere Connor started laughing. It was so funny I couldn't help myself I started laughing, too. It was contagious. The more I laughed the more Connor laughed. It went on for several minutes. Then at one point with all three of us laughing I told Connor "Good Job!" and he started clapping. Each time I said "Good job" he clapped again. After a few times I threw in a "Whooo!" and he threw his arms up in the air. So we repeated the "Good job" [clap, clap, clap], "Whooo!" [hands in the air] wave dance for a few minutes before we all dissolved in another round of giggles.

Connor is such an easy going happy little guy. He has a faint dimple on one cheek that comes out when he really gets to smiling that is just too precious. He's quick to laugh and super ticklish, too.

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