Sunday, April 26, 2009

An afternoon at the Playground

We took the boys to the playground at the front our neighborhood just before dinner time.

Ryan wanted to check everything out. He climbed up the stairs, crawled through the tunnel, and after some prompting made it down the slide. He kept planting his shoes in the slide slowing himself down or causing him to stop all together. While Connor was sliding he was content to just run laps around the border of the play area.

Connor had a great time sliding down the slide. He crawled to the top of the slide, sat down, and worked on getting his feet in front of him. When he was ready he would wiggle and scooch down to get himself started. He smiled, he laughed, and then he wanted to do it all over again.


  1. So cute! Ryan's hair looks blonde. I guess I thought his hair was darker! It's hard to tell in Connor's pictures; is his hair as light as Ryan's? They look like they are having a blast in those pictures, which by the way are too adorable. I don't know what program you use to make your layouts, but you do a fantastic job!!!


  2. Well I hope this works. Robin told me how to submit a comment. I have tried especially on the bluebonnet pictures. You do a great job posting your pictures. The boys are so cute. They look like they really have a good time together.

  3. I am glad you guys liked the pictures. :) I used Photoshop elements for the layouts which is really super easy. And yes, Ryan's hair is a little lighter than Connor's. If they are anything like me, it will get darker as they get older.

    Hope you guys came out okay with all the flooding!



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