Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter Day we got up bright and early (earlier even than our two alarm clocks normally wake us up) to get ready and finish up the packing so we could head out as soon as the kids ate breakfast. Murphy had other plans, but we managed to make it out the door shortly after 9am. Just as we passed Hempstead we drove into a line of thunderstorms leaving the road pitch black, and even with the wiper blades going full blast and the headlights on, the road pretty much invisible. It was a shame, because as we came out of the backside of the line of storms and the rain eased and visibility improved beyond the hood of the car the bluebonnets were absolutely spectacular. There were acres of fields that were totally covered.

Luckily by the time we turned off on Highway 21 and headed towards Austin the storms were behind us, the sun shining bright and the rest of the trip covered in only high and sparsely scattered wispy clouds.

The boys were amazingly content strapped into their carseats for the long road trip. They made the most of their reprieves from their confines and ran around amusing other patrons everywhere we stopped. In the car they alternately napped and played. At one point they were throwing balls around in the backseat. They each started with one, but periodically I would see one fly to middle or the other side and be swiped up by the other one. Before long one or both would return to the other side of the car amid much babble and laughter.

Ryan enjoying some carrot sticks for snacks and signing daddy "MORE!"

We made great time, and even managed to make it to West Texas in time for dinner with my family.

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