Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rated: N for Nudity

The little houdini figured out how to get his pants off. And I really don't think that's a good thing...

The boys were running a little low on laundry so we put them in some PJ's that are a little too big. While crawling around one of Connor's pants legs kept slipping down swallowing up his foot. The next thing I knew he was running around pants in hand. I put them back on and rolled the pants legs up in the hope that if he wasn't stepping on them that they would stay put. That seemed to help for a little while, but once again I got busy doing something and turned around to find him running around sans pants again. I decided I better put him in something he couldn't get off like a onesie before I had him running around not only missing his pants, but missing his diaper, too.

And speaking of the little houdini, Connor has been pulling socks off, or more accurately just one sock off, almost every night for quite a while. And just about every morning despite that little bare foot the sock(s) is suspiciously absent from the crib. Today while I was changing the sheets and pulling the bumpers off to be washed I pulled the cribs away from the wall and found a whole pile of socks and a teether, too. Apparently he is stockpiling in case of emergency.

While I was changing the sheets the boys played with their blocks and ran around upstairs wreaking havoc. :)

They love to play with the blocks. Unfortunately as we discovered the first time we pulled the blocks out to play they require adult supervision. If left alone for a few seconds the little beavers attempt to turn the faux wood blocks into a combination of wood chips and sawdust. They are quite effective at it, too. Ryan especially.

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