Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Festival Luncheon - Fruit Kabobs

I wonder whose job it is to come up with creative politically correct names for all the holidays?  Because apparently you can't have an Easter lunch - it's a Spring Festival Luncheon now. 

So in honor of Easter AND Spring (though it certainly felt more like Summer with a high of 89 this weekend) I volunteered to bring fruit for the kids' class lunch to go with their vegetarian friendly Soy Butter Sandwiches, and other hypoallergenic, organic, politically correct choices.  Where does one even buy soy butter?  And what does it taste like?   Though I had to laugh when I saw someone had brought in [gasp] store bought cookies.  First because they were store bought, but secondly because I get the distinct impression that anything with sugar is distinctly frowned upon at the boys' new school.

Though school did have an Easter egg hunt.  And despite the signs in the lobby asking parents to bring in oversized eggs and small toys vs. candy the bulk of the eggs the boys brought home at least contained chocolate candies of one variety or another.

At least the fruit kabobs were both healthy and fun.  The kids were excited about taking them.   Connor pronounced them beautiful and begged for a pink one of his own for breakfast.  :)  Ryan insisted that I tell his teacher that the yellow one with the big strawberry was his.  :)  Their appreciation made up for the fact that I had to get up BEFORE the CRACK OF DAWN to start cutting up fruit (or starting to cut up fruit and then delegating the remainder of the cutting to Kevin - it turns out he has a knack for it - who knew?)  So while Kevin finished cutting the cantaloupe and honey dew, I finished washing and cutting the strawberries and assembled the 60 kabobs.  Remind me again why I thought this was a good idea???  Especially when it took about 10 seconds to layer the left over cantaloupe and honey dew into tupperware while I was STILL working on assembling kabobs....  Not to mention the half a dozen other things I still had to before we left for school... like helping the Easter bunny hide eggs, and packing up a little something for the kids' teachers, and loading up the egging supplies... Clearly procrastination is my middle name.

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