Monday, April 16, 2012

Camping at Martin Dies Jr. State Park - Easter Weekend 2012 - Day 3

We all woke up bright and early Sunday morning. 

Connor and I made a quick pit stop by the restroom and then headed over to check out the Wildlife Trail.  We took the foot bridge we remembered from our last visit over to the island.

We took our time admiring the view by the light of the early morning sun.

We made our way over to the big wooden bridge and said hello to some early morning fishermen.

 We continued on to the head of the trail, stopping for one last look at the reflections on the perfectly still water.

As we started down the trail I warned Connor to stay in the middle and to stay out of the poison ivy that dominated the sides of the trail.

Despite a generous coating of bug spray we were all already spotting a smattering of lovely red dots that I might have otherwise worried looked like we had the chicken pox. 

Connor was an awesome hiking companion.  We had a lovely peaceful stroll through the woods.  He stayed right with me and chatted like a little magpie.  No need to worry about the bright red markers indicating the hunting boundary.  If there were any animals in sight our chattering would have long warned them we were coming.  :) 

When we got back Kevin had just started the bacon, and whipped us up some eggs and buttered toast on the grill.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Afterwards Randy, Diana, Luke, the boys and I took the boat up one of the little channels into the Neches river. 

We followed the river for a ways and stopped to check out a little off shoot cove area before heading back.  The path we took followed along one side of the paddling trails that I had considered taking before we headed out.  I was glad to have seen both areas and my arms were glad to have seen both without all the paddling - particularly against any possible current.  :)

After we had explored the river for several miles we headed back to lake and Randy took the boat around the island that Kevin and I had paddled as well so Diana and Luke could see the swamp.  And thankfully no alligators this go around.  :)  We got back to camp just as Mike, Lisa, and the boys were paddling back up to the site.  They had just gotten back from the same trip around the island in a pair of canoes. 

We spent the better part of the rest of the morning packing up the campsite, having lunch, and returning the canoes.  Afterwards Randy & Diana, and Lisa & Mike headed out.  We spent a few minutes enjoying the peace and quiet from my practically neglected hammock.  When I got up to get a drink Connor made himself right at home.

I eventually kicked him out and he joined Kevin and Ryan on the picnic table.

After a few minutes rest I untied the hammock, and rolled it up to be packed away in the car.  The boys were tired, but weren't ready to go by any stretch of the imagination.

We had promised them that we would do the short .8 mile Island trail before heading out.

They perked right up and were off to the races.

The snacks and juice might have had something to do with that.  :)

When we finished the loop we wandered out to the big wooden bridge for one last look around.

Like last time it was the perfect view point to see the alligators.  Or at least this little one anyways.  The boys passed out in the car practically the second they were strapped in and we started moving.  It was a shame because on the way out of the park they missed a sighting of the Easter Bunny.

We saw him for just a split second before he hopped back off into the woods.  :)

What a way to end a perfect Easter Weekend.  ;)

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