Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Personalized Kids Water Bottles

Every day the boys have to take a water bottle to school.  For the first few weeks we took our insulated Thermos water bottles.  However, one morning when I was dropping the kids off I noticed that there were 5 Cars 2 thermos bottles just like the boys' and despite the fact that they all had their names written on them they are bound to get mixed up from time to time - as evidenced by the fact that that was also the day that Connor's water bottle went missing.  And two weeks later is STILL missing.

So in the hopes of not losing any more water bottles I thought it would be a good idea to for the boys to have unique water bottles.  :)  So the next morning we grabbed our old Design your Own Sippy Cups, changed out the sippy cup top for straw tops and sent the kids off to school with the dinosaur designs that I had made for the sippy cups when we first got them probably 3 years ago.  Luckily the boys like dinosaurs as much now if not moreso.  But I still made a mental note to work on some new designs when I had the chance.  Unfortunately before I got around to it, Ryan managed to get water inside the part with the design and while the cardstock held up fine I was a little worried that with all our humidity it might mold so I swapped out Ryan's dinosaur for the only other one I could still find - a barnyard design I made as part of the favors for the boys' 2nd birthday party.  So of course Connor wanted his swapped out, too.

After dinner tonight while the boys played outside I spent a few minutes and knocked out a few new designs that the kids can rotate through of some of their favorite characters - Scooby Doo for Connor, and of course Cars for Ryan.

They were both thrilled with their new designs and can't wait to take them to school tomorrow.  :)


  1. How can i buy or make these? my son loves scooby doo and so does my niece. I would like to get them each a scooby doo cup but cant find them anywhere!

  2. Looks like the cups have been discontinued. They were from Playtex and were labeled "Create Your Own" sippy straws or something along those lines.



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