Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Easter Bunny Comes to Visit

As we weren't going to be home on Easter this year the Easter Bunny surprised the kiddos with an early visit before we left. 

Me: "Did you hear something outside last night?"
Kev: "I thought I did.  Wonder what it could have been"
Ry: [looking out the front door] "Maybe it was... I SEE EGGS!!!"

And out the door they went...

It took them all of about 2.7 seconds for them to find 90% of the eggs.  Not that I remembered to take more than a cursory picture or two.  :)

Though it took them a few hints to find the remaining few they missed in their whirlwind blitz attack.  :)

They spent the rest of the mroning while I finished the kabobs, and packaged up the teacher treats opening all their eggs and exclaiming over their findings.  Ryan in particular was hilariously funny as he shouted out what he found each time he opened one "OH.MY.GOODNESS  IT'S DINOSAURS."  MOMMY!!!!  I GOT DINOSAURS!!!  LOOK!!!!"  and would run in and show me, and then find Connor to show him what he found, too.   So cute.  :)

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