Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Family Easter Celebration 2012

Despite being just 15 minutes away we managed to be late to the Easter party.  :)  But that's okay.  There was still plenty of food left.  And the band was still playing.  :)

So we visited.

And took a ride down to the creek (thanks to Uncle Bobby!)

And before too long it was time for the Easter Egg Hunt. 

They set up a separate area for the little kids which turned out to just be Ryan & Connor this year.  So they went to town picking up eggs. 

They made quite a haul.

Then they helped the big kids scour the area just in case they missed anything, too.  :)

Then of course they had to open all the eggs to check out all the loot.

Once that was done they volunteered to drive people around in the golf cart.

Thank goodness the battery was dead by that point from all the joyriding.  :)

So instead they decorated their own cookies.

And attacked people with the balloon alligators Aunt Debbie made them.  :)   Until finally hyped up on enough sugar to send a diabetic into a coma we packed them back up in the car.  And fed them some more juice for good measure.  To keep them hydrated and all.  :)  Luckily they crashed in the car on the drive back to the park.  And when they woke up, or we woke them up as the case might be, we loaded them into the canoe and set off to explore the alligator infested swamp.  :)

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