Friday, April 6, 2012

Sneaky Little People

It's no wonder people think I am crazy.  I send emails telling them not so quiet sneaky little people will be visiting their houses.  When they aren't at home.   Shhh!!  It's a surprise!

No reason to be alarmed, right?  Other than the fact that the lunatic knows where we live.  And she's coming to our house...  With the monsters.... To do who knows what!?!?

Egging!  That's what! 

The boys and I hatched the plan on the way home from school one day.  The boys each got to pick 2 friends' houses (nearby!) to "egg."  We picked up some Easter eggs, and a variety of treats and small toys to stuff them with (a puzzle, bubbles, mini-dinosaurs, stampers, hopping bunnies, crazy face egg decorating stickers, etc.)  I also whipped up a card to warn the unsuspecting that something was amiss in their yard in the event that they hadn't noticed.  :) 

On the night before the "mission" I stuffed the eggs and split the goodies into bags for each house so we would be ready to go.  On the big day I picked the boys up earlier than normal and we reviewed the mission brief and team assignments in the car on the way to the first house.  Ryan volunteered to be the lookout.  Connor was in charge of delivering the payload.  The mission: Get in.  Egg.  Get out.  And most importantly - don't get caught!

Mission accomplished!

Though that last ("Don't get caught") was only by way of good reconnaissance on my part. :)  Because you would have had to have been deaf not to have heard the shenanigans going on in the front yard - between the lookout yelling that someone was coming or he wanted to hide some eggs, too, and me trying to ensure that eggs didn't get buried in the dirt or under a pile of rocks, or stuffed really far up in drain pipes never to be seen again. :) They no doubt picked that up from their father who takes pride in hiding eggs in some of the hardest places to find for the bigger kids at Easter every year.

Despite the insanity we did manage to hit all the houses on our list and had a good time "egging" houses! :)

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