Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A visit from Panta Claus

We definitely need to keep an eye on that elf.

I woke just before the crack of dawn this morning for no apparent reason.  As I stumbled into the kitchen for a glass of milk I happened to glance at the tree.  And what to my wondering eyes should appear?  But an odd shape atop the tree.  As I got closer and flipped on the light it was apparent what Elfie had been up to this night.  He topped our tree with the Panta Claus book.

And underpants?

A whole tree full in fact...

When the boys got up this morning they made quick work of finding Elfie in his new spot.  And stared suspiciously at the tree.  "He put our underwear on the tree!  That's so silly, isn't it Mom?"

But they were definitely excited to get to pick new underwear off the tree to wear today.  :)

Guess it is a good thing Elfie and Panta Claus came because I am not sure we had anymore clean underwear!

They had so much fun with this in fact that since we probably won't get around to decorating the tree until Friday that we will probably leave them on the tree and let them pick a new pair each day. 

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