Saturday, December 3, 2011

Santa's Workshop

Speaking of Jolly Olde St. Nick...

We visited Santa's workshop at school last night.  The boys enjoyed some cookies and punch, and made a Christmas wreath ornament to hang on our tree by threading buttons onto a pipe cleaner.

I was really impressed that the boys could do it by themselves.  They were itty bitty button holes - much like threading thread into the eye of a needle.   Ryan in particular just whipped right through it. 

The boys also had a moment to visit with Santa.  Connor hopped right up in his lap and told Santa that he wanted toy fish for Christmas.  Ryan was a bit more hesitant, and had to be pried away from daddy.  But even he eventually had a seat on Santa's lap and even managed a smile at the camera while visions of the giant race car he told Santa he wanted this Christmas raced in his head.

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