Friday, December 9, 2011

North Pole Breakfast (for Dinner!) - Rudolph Pancakes

Our Advent Calendar surprise for today was a special North Pole Breakfast for dinner.  Specifically pancake reindeer with dipping syrup & eggs.

I saw the reindeer idea over at Jenni Price's blog a couple of months ago.  She even has a tutorial on her blog on how to make them.  Not that I actually followed it, or should I say any more than by memory from several months ago.   What?  Read Directions??  When I can just get in there and get started and figure it out as I go??

I was still pretty impressed with how they turned out.

Though I have to confess - I think I like Kevin's assembly better than mine (he had to transfer them to microwave safe plate to reheat them all after I opened the egg container all ready to get the eggs cooked and on the table so we could eat while everything was still hot and found that there was only 1 egg left.  Oops. So he had to go to the store - and the pancakes got cold.  On a side note - they reheat really well...)

Needless to say the boys were excited to see the reindeer pancakes - Ryan said "Oh, WOW!  It's Rudolph!  Can I eat his nose, now??" 


Connor wasn't far behind and plucked the candies off as soon as he sat down, too.

Instead of cutting up the pieces and then pouring syrup over the top we gave each of them their very own syrup dipping cup and let them go to town.  Pancakes by them self, great.  Being able to dip pancakes in syrup?  AWESOME.

Connor devoured every last bite of pancake, and polished off at least 3 eggs.  I am not sure where exactly he put it all, but needless to say, he was a big fan.

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