Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Favorite Pastime

The boys' new favorite pastime - "fishing."

Though I am not sure how much fishing actually gets done....

Don't get me wrong - I know they have been catching fish.  I have seen the pictures, and have even stopped by a couple of times to "help."  And by "help" I mean casting and setting hooks.  I let Kevin do all the hard work - like baiting hooks and taking fishing off.  And let the kids - mostly Ryan - reel them in.

Connor is generally good for a reel or two, then "been there done that, how about those worms??"  The boys have decided that the worms need all manner of things from "blueberries" to eat and leaves to keep them warm.

Ryan's not immune to the lure of worms, either, but he's incredibly excited to reel the fish in.  "LOOK!! I caught another one!!"

And I have to admit they have found a pretty great spot - the water's crystal clear so you can watch the fish go after your hook and it generally takes all of 5 seconds after it's plopped into the water before one of the little sun perch hits the hook.  Over, and over again.  It isn't the lack of fish that finally sends them in.  It's generally the pitch black that finally makes them call it quits.  It's probably a good thing for the fish that there isn't a lighted pier as I don't think they would ever stop while the fishing is that good.  :)

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